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Taxes & Permits

Property Tax Rates

Location Per $100 Value
Hardeman County $2.55
Bolivar (within city limits) $1.1542
Grand Junction (within city limits) $.75
Hickory Valley (within city limits) $.1593
Hornsby (within city limits) $.4132
Middleton (within city limits) $.99
Toone (within city limits) $.60
Whiteville (within city limits) $.8621

Ratio of Assessment

  • Residential 25%
  • Industrial 40%
  • Equipment 30%

Details on the following state-levied taxes are available through the Tennessee Department of Revenue at (800) 342-1003.

Sales Tax

Tennessee (7%) plus county (2.75%)


  • Equipment associated with required capital investment by a distribution or warehouse facility, as long as total investment in building and equipment exceeds $10 million in not more than three years
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Repairs to industrial machinery
  • Air and water pollution prevention equipment
  • Raw materials for processing
  • Sales to religious, charitable, or educational institutions
  • Prescription drugs and gasoline


  • 0.5 percent paid on building materials, machinery, and equipments for new or expanded international, national or regional headquarters making a minimum $50 million investment in Tennessee

Franchise Tax

  • 0.25 per $100 of capital properties

Corporate Excise Tax

  • 6.5% on net earnings

Unemployment Tax

  • 2.7% of first $7,000 for new employer's first three years prior to re-evaluation based on industry group

Details on business tax information are available through The Hardeman County Clerk's office at (731) 658-3541.

Local Business Tax

Businesses are classified into four groups with rates varying from 1/10 of 1% to 3/16 of 1% on gross revenues (gross revenue minus collected sales tax). Some exemptions apply.

Building Permits

  • Building permits are available through the Zoning Office at (731) 658-5412.
  • $50 fee for permit to construct a building or addition valued at or above $5,000; $100 permit fee if the building/addition involves more than 5,000 square feet of heated space.

Workforce Information

For comprehensive regional workforce availability information, visit the Memphis Regional Economic Development Council.


Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT)

As of March 2008, Hardeman County enacted a PILOT that incentivizes new and existing industry on the basis of wage levels, capital investment, and number of jobs created. Please contact the Chamber of Commerce at (731) 658-6554 for full details.

Economic Development Partners



Electricity needs are serviced by three different TVA providers depending on the precise location within Hardeman County. The majority of the county is handled by Bolivar Energy Authority (rates are published on their website). The City of Middleton is serviced by Tippah Electric, (866) 298-1514.

For businesses and residents located in incorporated areas, contact the appropriate city hall for specific rate information. Natural gas and water are generally provided by the City of Bolivar, (731) 658-2020.

Available Properties

  • Click here for a list of available industrial properties.
  • Click here for a list of available retail properties.