Who's Who in Local Government

City of Bolivar


Planning Commission

The Bolivar Regional Planning Commission’s purpose and goal is to promote the public health and safety of the general welfare of the community by lessening congestion in the streets, prevent overcrowding of land, facilitate the adequate provisions of utilities and maintain the character and appropriate use of land in each district so that Bolivar, Tennessee may become a better city in which to live.
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Historic Zoning Commission

The Bolivar Historic Zoning Commission has the responsibility and duties of initiating historic designation and design review, promoting public education and awareness, and maintaining preservation planning and research. The commission reviews proposed changes to designated historic properties and districts. The commission takes into consideration the unique characteristic of specific properties and utilizes an established set of design criteria.

Industrial Development Board

The Bolivar Industrial Development Board is a public benefits corporation responsible for the promotion of agricultural, business, economic, employment, housing, industrial and recreational opportunities of the city. Members include: Ricky Bishop, Cathy H. Frost, Delphus Hicks, Tommy Lomax, Debbie Moore, Thomas Polk, Terry Richardson, and Jackie Sain-Chairman.

Library Board

The mission of the Bolivar Hardeman County Library is to inform, educate, entertain and culturally enrich the public by providing books and other library resources, facilities and professional services for use by all individuals.

Housing Authority

The Bolivar Housing Authority is responsible for serving housing needs for low to moderate income families and the elderly.

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals responsibility is to hear and decide applications for special exceptions without detriment to the public good and enforce provisions of the zoning ordinance.

Recreation Board

The Recreation Board serves in an advisory capacity on matters pertaining to the operation of the city recreation program. The purpose of this board is to promote and stimulate public interest in recreation program and solicit to the fullest extent the cooperation of school authorities and other public and private agencies interested therein.

Utility Board

The Bolivar Utility Board is exclusively an advisory board to the city council. The board is responsible for recommending to the council procedures for regulations of water/sewer and gas system.

Bolivar Electric Utility Board

The Bolivar Electric Utility Board is responsible for and has vested authority to regulate, control, and adopt rules and regulations as necessary to operate the electric utility system of the city.