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National Bird Dog Museum

The National Bird Dog Museum is a repository of information, art, photography, and memorabilia reflecting a variety of pointing dog and retriever breeds, hunting, field trial activities, and shooting sports. Here the tangible reminders of more than 100 years of sporting tradition awaits your exploration. Among portraits and exhibits contained in the museum, you will find history's most famous bird dogs represented. Many works of notable sporting dog artists and sculptors are displayed.

The goal of the museum is to represent the many breeds of sporting dogs, the early history of the National Field Trials, which continue to be held each year at the Ames Plantation, as well as a bit of the history of Grand Junction itself. The effect of these efforts is a place where history comes alive. Visitors can wrap themselves in the past and imagine what it was like to be a part of the rich and colorful history of field trialing. They can also stay informed on the winners of modern field trialing and sport dog champion.